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NT & DirectX

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Hello everyone, I have been developing my first game under Win95 using C++ and DirectX 7 on my home desktop PC. Because of my regular (boring old pay the bills) job, I will be doing a lot of travelling over the next few months, and would like to continue doing game development on my laptop. My laptop is set up with NT Server with service pack 5. I''ve been reading some information about NT and Direct, and am a little confused. I read somewhere that directx is already included in NT. Does this mean I just have to install MS Visual C++ on my laptop, recompile my program and carry on? Somewhere else I read that there are directX install programs for NT. The MS web site seemed a little sparse when it came to directX and NT. Thanks for any help, Chris

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Ok, let me put it this way, there is minimal support in NT for DX. Anything you code using DX that runs well on your Standard Machine, expect it to be slower in NT. For some odd reason, even though they say that NT has DX, it does in a way but I would recommend SP6 from the microsoft web site. With this service pack, they say that DX 7 Runtime libs are included. Not sure about it...

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well hummm if you mean NT 4.0 .... I don''t know much about the SPs past 3... but using sp3 you can run DX 3 stuff but not anything that uses any thing after DX3....

if you mean NT 5.0 (Win 2K) yup it does suport DX 7... from what I understand it will support later version too...

with sp5 then try it and see....

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All the DX programs I''ve written using DX work just fine at school (WinNT). Never had any problem with it (but I wasn''t the one who installed DX though...)

Just thought I''d mention it,
- Bas

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WinNT 4.0 only supports DirectX 3 + DPlay 6.1a.

NT 4.0 by itself comes with DirectX 2 /me thinks
With SP3+ you get DirectX 3
With SP5 or a separate patch, you get DPlay 6.1a support, though other interfaces remain at DX3

Microsoft has no plans to update DX on NT past this. But Win2k comes with DirectX 7.0a

If you write to the DirectX 3 interfaces, your game will run fine on both NT and Win9x/Win2k with the latest version of DirectX.

The DirectX 7 docs have a bit of information on how to set things up to code for older DirectX interfaces (you can use the DX7 SDK to write DX3 games). Also, you can grab a copy of the DX3 docs from here.

- n8


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