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hi i''m doing a past final exam question which reads: Consider any recent game where innovation has been introduced to improve gameplay. You may consider the following aspects: 1.improved AI 2.unorthodox graphics 3.deformable environment. Any pointers as to how to tackle this question best......

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Just "consider"? That doesn''t seem like it would require any writing at all. SInce it''s an exam, and I assume your prof is not a telepath, I''ll assume you''re supposed to record your considerations.

It''s tempting to turn this question into a case study: "Game X used the exciting new graphics technology Y to facilitate gameplay development Z. Here''s how they did it." However, I think you''d be better off considering the game and the development process less than the actual potential of the exciting new technology. So instead, say something like, "Innovation in graphics technology has long been a hallmark of watershed changes in industry standards. In 1993, Game X used newly developed coding techniques to allow blah. Four years later, improved hardware capabilities finally made technique Y feasible, and that was immediately pounced upon and explored by Game Company Z in their game, Q."

That sort of thing. Or just write a page and a half on Halo''s AI, citing development publications that tell the story of the time they were testing the "elite dies -> grunts run away" and the one grunt didn''t run because he hadn''t seen the elite actually die, showing that his perception and action were linked causally, rather than just arising epiphenomenally from an omniscient concept of the game state. Neato.

Don''t use that one, obviously, since it would be unethical and probably get you a bad grade, because I think I made it up, but you get the idea. Goo luck.

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