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When allocating length for a vertex buffer...

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If your vertex''s size doesn''t fit to 8 bytes without padding, aren''t you wasting space for every vertex? I am saying this becuase class objects are usually padded to 8 bytes.

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The default rules for padding a struct or class is to look at the size of the data type of largest member, and ensure that the structure is aligned to the size of that data type.

The largest member of a D3D vertex would be 4 bytes since all of the components are either floats or D3DCOLORs (DWORDs). The class or struct would then be aligned on a 4-byte address by the compiler. Since every member of the vertex is also 4-byte aligned, there would never need to be any padding added by the compiler in an array of vertices (i.e. from a vertex buffer).

See the section in the VS.Net docs on Structure Alignment.

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Thanks for clearing that up.

I don't mean to spam, but I have another quick question.

EDIT: Don't answer it.

According to MSDN, when creating a vertex buffer, you cannot use the D3DUSAGE flag D3DUSAGE_DYNAMIC with the D3DPOOL flag D3DPOOL_MANAGED.

I am only creating one vertex buffer for my whole program, and since I am purely drawing sprites along with the RHW flag in my FVF, I need to make make it dynamic. Here is where my question comes in: because I can't make it managed, should I make use the D3DPOOL_DEFAULT flag? If so, I assume I would have to reset the device if it is lost.

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