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Failed to load mesh

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If I select my adapter to init3D then select a mesh file all works OK. If I continue to select mesh files all works OK. But if I reselect my adapter which will init3D again from scratch, even if I ensure all previous objects are destroyed I get an error when I attempt to open a mesh? I cannot see what is wrong? The init3D call returns true so no problem there, but it fails in the call to load the mesh?? Any clues?

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OK I sussed this But am confused a bit...

Pragram Loop


'' user selects different adapter

If Not m_obj3DDevice Is Nothing Then

m_obj3DDevice = Nothing

End If


'' recreate device using new adapter



So this is a rough outline of the app. Point is this..

Each time Init3D is called the code m_obj3DDevice = New Device(params etc) runs which sets up the device. Init3D returns True which lets the program carry on. But come load mesh time the error I get is the m_obj3DDevice is not set to an instance etc.

When removing the Dispose and Nothing lines all works well.

So I''m confused! I though that if I called a line which created a new object then that is what happens, a new object is created, but it appears not?

(Visual Basic .NET)

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