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Dark Kai

Tomography and volume rendering

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Hi there, I''m a newbie in OpenGL. I''m currently writing a software to render a surface of a 2D Image in VB.Net. I''m currently having problem with speed. Why am I getting only 20++ fps ? my specs P4 2.5G, 1G ddr, GeForce4 Mx440. The number of triangles rendered in my software is around 20k-30k. Am I exceeding the limit ?? couze this will get worst couze later I''m gonna add in a volumetric rendering function. Probably using 10-20 images. How could I keep my rendering smooth?? Thanks in advance.

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if you are not using vertex buffer objects, 600Ktriangles/sec is not quite bad i think, dont know exactly what you are doing in your program. To gain more performance, you will have to buffer your static vertex data to the video memory(ARB_vertex_buffer_object). Are you using VertexArrays? That should be the firs step.

"Knowledge is no more expensive than ignorance, and at least as satisfying." -Barrin

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guess not...Do you have any samples for vertexarrays ? or at lease tell me how to start .

Oh yah, how do I use double buffering ?? izzit
pls dunn mind the syntex couze I'm writing it in

put this in the init part rite ?

Thanks alot.

[edited by - Dark Kai on January 12, 2004 11:29:06 PM]

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