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Strange behaviour from directDraw 7

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Good Morning, Dear all, I have a really strange problem with DirectX 7. It is with directDraw.. My game goes as follows. When it starts, it switches mode, and then shows a loading screen, and loads tons of bitmaps into surfaces, then it starts the menu, and so on... Now, the problem is... If i click the "Windows key" as soon as i click on the icon of the game, it goes back to windows, now, the game should be loading in the background. But some problem certainly occurs here, because, when i click on the task bar to reactivate the game, it opens, but without any graphics shown at all (but the game is still running, the sounds are on, and everything)!! only the graphics that is loaded afterwards show. anything else is not shown! and not just that, but the game runs EXTREMELY slowly (think 1/2 FPS). Checking the results of calling all the functions. The functions seem to have created the surfaces sucessfully, and loaded the bitmaps successfully. but still nothing shows.... One of the beta testers, says that the same behaviour happens at her computer, without her pressing the windows key or anything... Could you please help... what could be the reason? Thank you very much...

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You have to check if your surfaces are lost and recreate them if it's necessary
Take a look in the SDK documentation, the sample apps illustrate it very good

[edited by - noVum on January 12, 2004 11:38:37 AM]

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Hello novum,
thanks for the reply,
yes, i already do this, but it still happens! strangely, when i call Blt(), it returns DD_OK, so, it thinks the bitmaps were drawn successfully! but why?
I call RestoreAllSurfaces, and then Reload all images, when i get a failure from Screen::flip, and i reload, when Blt() returns anything other than DD_OK...
any ideas?

thank you very much in advance..

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