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What would be the most stable way to load different levels (maps whatever you want to call it) into a open gl game/program? Im trying to create a small little village and I want it so that youll go from the outside world (where you see all the houses) into the houses, shops, etc. What would be the best way to assemble these different levels? Should I make data files or would using several .cpp files work? BSPs are also another option but I dont know any really good world modeler. Thanks for any help,

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That fact that you compared cpp files to bsp trees leaves some ground to ponder before you plunge head first into stuff like that.

Generally, using bsp trees for outside environments isn''t that effective. Other than that, this is all very implementation-specific and you should either first get up to speed with different technological solutions or explain your problem in (much) more detail. Although I would suggest the former, you can start the specifics by answering to some simple questions such as: is the game world 2D or 3D (based on what you already posted, I''d say 3D), how large environments are involved, what type of game it is (is performance the most important aspect or are you after eye candy only), etc.

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