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Decal Verts

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Hello, I''m trying to create decals on my walls from them being shot. So far my code''s working on most surfaces but some odd surfaces. It specifically appears to dislike non-axial planes (as in not XY, YZ, or XZ planes). Also, it often seems to dislike changes in the y-coordinate between the decal''s position and the player''s position. Anyway, here''s some psuedocode:
Vector HitPos //Center of the decal

Vector PlayerPos //The position of the player

Vector PlayerOrientation //Orientation is offsetted by a random amount to emulate inaccuracy

Vector Normal //Normal to the plane

Vector DecalVerts[4] //Four vertices of the decal

Plane  plane //Plane of the tri that the decal is to be placed on

Real  size //size of the decal

if(Dot(Plane, PlayerPos))
normal = -normal

Vector tempvec = Cross( PlayerPos - HitPos, (0, 1,0) )
Vector PlaneY = Cross( tempvec, Normal)
Vector PlaneX = Cross( Normal, PlaneY )

DecalVerts[0] = HitPos - PlaneX*size + PlaneY*size + normal*0.001f; //Offset by the normal a little to avoid Z-Fighting

DecalVerts[1] = HitPos + PlaneX*size + PlaneY*size + normal*0.001f;
DecalVerts[2] = HitPos - PlaneX*size - PlaneY*size + normal*0.001f;
DecalVerts[3] = HitPos + PlaneX*size - PlaneY*size + normal*0.001f;
Is this the proper method for doing this? Thanks, ms

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