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Win32 Objects : Releasing / Deleting / When / Where / Why?

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I''m a litle confused on when you delete an object and when you release an object and things, with win32. In the Win32 tutorial at GAmeTutorials, during the unloading, you do something like this:
	// We made a backbuffer, clean it all up.

		// Select back the original surface.

		SelectObject(m_hBackDC, m_hOldBITMAP);

		// Delete Our Backbuffer.


	// If we have a DC, release it.

		ReleaseDC(m_hWnd, m_hPrimaryDC);
Why do you release the Primary Buffer DC but delete the Back Buffer DC? Also, with that SelectObject(m_hBackDC, m_hOldBITMAP), why do you delete the m_hBackBITMAP but not the m_hOldBITMAP? I''m a little confused here, and is bollocks for explaining anything.

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You call ReleaseDC() when you got the device context by calling GetDC() or GetWindowDC().

You call DeleteDC() when you got the device context by calling CreateDC().

They probably used DeleteObject() on m_hBackBITMAP because they used CreateBitmap() (or one of its relatives) to create it.

The SelectObject() call is because before you delete a device context you should restore it''s original handles. In this case m_hOldBITMAP was probably the original bitmap object in the device context.

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If you are unsure if you should release or if you should delete simply check the MSDN documentation of the function you used to create the resource. It will tell you how to clean that resource up.

The reason you dont delete m_hOldBITMAP is because you didn''t create it. It was given to you and you must put it back.

Colin Jeanne | Invader''s Realm

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