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multipass problem

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New to multipass technology. I have some problems in implementing such algorithms. 1. According to D3D Documentations, a multipass algorithm should set SRCBLEND and DESTBLEND. But it didn''t mention how to do that. Can anyone tell me how to set the blending mode in D3D when doing multipass? 2. Since vertices have several set of texture coordinates, how to let the hardware know which set to associate with certain texture stages? Say I want to use the (u2,v2) in the second pass. But if I set the second texture to the texture stage 0, I will only get those rendered with the (u1,v1) coordinates, not (u2,v2). I got puzzled. Thanx in advance for any good comment.

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1 cannot be answered. There isn''t any one specific setting, which is why you have to set it. It depends on how you want the two passes to be mixed.

D3DRS_SRCBLEND determines what to multiply the new color by.
D3DRS_DESTBLEND determines what to multiply the old color by.
D3DRS_BLENDOP determines how to mix the two values.

A standard set of blending for multipass:

ie: (newcolor * 1) + (oldcolor * 1)

You could use alpha to mix between old and new

ie: (newcolor * newalpha) + (oldcolor * (1-newalpha))

2. To select which texture coordinates to use, use D3DTSS_TEXTURECOORDINDEX. Or, if you''re using shaders, just move different data into the texture registers.

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Thank you.

I fixed the first problem by setting TEXTUREINDEX you''ve mentioned. And I fixed the first problem by setting SRCBLEND to DESTCOLOR and DESTBLEND to ZERO with ALPHABLENDINGENABLE on.

I am curious about that why I have to set ALPHABLENDINGENABLE to true to blend two passes. Otherwise it doesn''t work.

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Ok, so you''re modulating the two passes (new * old). The reason you need to enable alphablending is because that''s what tells D3D to read the old values, and apply blending, before writing the new values. Ignore that it says ''alpha''blendenable, as you''re not using alpha. Just think of it as ''blendenable''.

Also, if you''re using fog, be aware that with many blending modes you might apply fog twice if you don''t disable it in one of your passes.

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