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I need some basic help in VC++\MFC..

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Hello. I am a very beginner programmer. My problem by now that I create a new MFC projecr in VC++6 (dialog based form).. now I need to create another dialog but I need him to appear too as I run my whole program. so I inserted a new dialog form ,related it to it''s own class, but It''s not appear on the screen ): So my question is: how do I make an additional dialog automaticly appear on a screen? thank u!

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"...but I need him to appear too as I run my whole program..."

If you want the dialog to run simulaneously with your program than you must create it modeless .
That means you cannot use DoModal() .

During the creation of your MainFrame/MainDlg or on OnInitialUpdate() create the second dialog as a child or popup window to the main dialog. This will allow it to process messages of its own as well as respond to the parent.

If you do not have a grasp on basic windows programming then refer to the MSDN->Visual C++ Documentation->Samples for further instruction.

This Should help get you started with modeless dialogs:

// Creation of a modeless dialog.

int DialogBox(
HINSTANCE hInstance, // handle to application instance

LPCTSTR lpTemplate, // identifies dialog box template

HWND hWndParent, // handle to owner window

DLGPROC lpDialogFunc // pointer to dialog box procedure


// The ending comes in two forms:

// 1. End the dialog:

BOOL EndDialog(
HWND hDlg, // handle to dialog box

int nResult // value to return

// 2. Destroy the dialog window:

BOOL DestroyWindow(
HWND hWnd // handle to window to destroy


I hope some of this helps =)

[edited by - citizen3019 on January 13, 2004 1:16:12 PM]

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thank u for trying to help me, but I am understand.. I am not understand all the window programming shit.. yet
I will attach here the code and if u have time please correct it
so the both of the dialogs will appear.

thnx very much!!!!

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