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Free: 50MB Hosting, FTP, Email, Forums + More. Cake anyone?

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Hi, I am now offering a free hosting package at http://www.gibbering.net/, and I'm primarily targeting games developers. I am currently offering as a standard package: * 50MB space * PHP, CGI, blah blah blah * User Control Panel * Directory Listings * Email Account(s) * FTP Account(s) * Forums (InvisionBoard) All of the above FREE, and * $5 for a MySQL database (one off charge) Also, you can have more space, email or FTP accounts if you just drop me an email. I'm pretty flexible. Your site doesn't have to be about games developing necessarily - you can put anything on your site as long as it's legal. There are only 30 places, so hurry After 30 I will be charging $2 per two months for new members. $1 a month, but PayPal doesn't like single dollars. I hope this is reasonable Anyone who registers before the 30 mark is hit will remain free. Forever. [edited by - TheGibberingFool on January 13, 2004 4:41:39 PM] [edited by - TheGibberingFool on January 13, 2004 7:37:40 PM]

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I''m just wondering, why are you doing this for free?
lol, I''m not complaining!!!
but this is so rare! thanks!!!
(just accept my request :-D)

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Good point.

I'm doing this for free because of the following reasons:
* Because I'm mental.
* As a promotion for when I start charging (your sites will remain free, however, permanently)
* IllicitDev.net vanished They provided a good service, and I was one of Philip Plante's most active and loyal followers. It is a dedication to his work, if you like. I don't know if he'll ever return, though.
* Because I want the traffic so that I can at least tell myself that $15 a month isn't going unnoticed.
* Because I spent years looking for this, and when I found it, it vanished into the air (see above), so I thought that I'd take the misery out of it for those like myself.

16 out of 30 accounts hosted so far. Keep them coming!

[edited by - TheGibberingFool on January 13, 2004 4:40:49 PM]

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Go people! GO! :D

After which I will be offering a better package for a minimal fee. See the "Stupidly Cheap Hosting" thread.

[edited by - TheGibberingFool on January 15, 2004 4:58:59 AM]

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