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collision detection

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I understand collision detection for games like breakout or tetris because its very simple. But in other kinds of games I suppose it gets more complicated. In a 2-d scroller for instance would you have to have an array of all the pixels on the screen, adn test each of them to see if a collision is occuring? Ive noticed in games like counterstrike the collision detection is a bit weird because when you collide with another player your actually not even touching him, and you can stand on peoples heads, ect

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If you find collision detection difficult.. wait ''til you start putting in proper collision response

Collision detection is not a matter of hard algorithms, but more a question of cunning optimization and adapting to a specific game.

You wouldn''t normally do a pixel by pixel collision test, even in an old 2d platformer. Usually you have bounding boxes/spheres/elipsoids, or trees of them (to check further if you found a possible collision). Checking the actaul geometry of a 3d game would be extremely expensive..

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