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data repository for 5000+ people

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I just had a few general questions about larger scale computer networks. Also, just as a note, this is just for general understanding for a meeting I get to sit-in on. Which is great, because I always have a thirst for information=) Relational Databases or Object databases for complex information stores? or mix for best of both worlds? What type of software for the servers? Unix, linux, windows 2000? and which? apache web server? why? I know for a fact all clients will be win2k ahead of time. If windows, use ASP for web dev? or php? or cgi? Raid 5 for [u]safe, but also fast[/u] file store? Xeon servers? else why? duel or more? Fiber optic backbone between servers or gigabit? Anything you would add from your own work exp? Really, everything here Ive worked with or dabbed in. So I'm not asking how these things work, or why. I'm wondering what your exp has lead you to use, or what you have liked or disliked about them. It's easy for me to agree with what I understand, but I understand thats not always the best road and also that i really may not understand it! Thanks, and I hope you had a happy holidays=) Bourke IV EDIT: just wanted to add one thing. I also know for a fact that their will be at least 1 database server, 1 file server and 1 web server. [edited by - chbfiv on January 13, 2004 6:06:17 PM]

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