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IBSP Query

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Hi all I have got BSP files to render in OpenGL with lightmaps and stuff. Thats all running fine. Now I am looking at this page that explains collision detection (Lord Clicky-von-Clickmeister) and i have coded to the point of actually finding a node to be a leaf but when verifying that the brush space is actually solid I have to check a section of shader lump that is related to that brush. The variable that the the page refers to is "contentFlags". I have only found the file "Unofficial Quake 3 Map Specs" and the one of GameTutorials.com. The former file discusses the "Effects" lump and the latter file discusses the "Shader" lump. I have worked out they are talking about the same lump. The lump struct according to both consists of: string[64] //name Effect shader. int brush //Brush that generated this effect. int unknown //Always 5, except in q3dm8, which has one effect with Now, according to the collision detection tutorial, the shaders lump should have something called the "contentFlags". Is contentFlags basically the same as the "unknown" integer variable in the lump as declared by the two BSP format ref files. I need to know this since i need to run a bitwise AND operation on it to see if it solid space or not. Thanks if you can help -EnDoX-

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I've read some tutorials that just say that if the area flag in the leaf == -1 then you are in solid space.

Else you are in open space, but you still need to test against all brushsides that are in your node. Those are the brushes that are detail. They don't split up the BSP but they can be solid.

There is a tutorial that explains how to make a trace function. Basically you input a start point and an end point and it returns how far you could go before hitting a solid face. A value of 1.0f would mean the line segment is unobstructed. Can be used for walking or shooting.

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