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disappearing text

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Hello, I''m writing text near the top of an ortho screen. However, I''m finding that on a lower windows resolution, the top part of the text begins to hide under the windows bar (at the top of the screen), even though it''s printed at the same screen x & y position. Why is this? I was under the impression that the origin (0,0) was at the top left of the window, below the windows bar. Or am I mistaken? Cheers, Jeroen

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I had a problem recently like this, where the text wasnt showing up, when i changed resolutions, the quick fix was jus to go where you are rendering the text and make sure that your glRasterPos or what ever you are using cooresponds to the new resolution, otherwise the text will more than likely be cut off.

Our problems might different, but i hope that helps..

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I''m not 100% sure on this, but are you making sure to GetClientRect() to grab the exact width/height of the drawable window area? When you make a 640x480 window, for instance, the actual drawable space is a bit less, so if you get the dimensions of the surface, then glOrtho() that, I imagine it''d work better -- or maybe it has nothing to do with your problem!

Just a suggestion

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SkinnyM -

Do you mean you run your app, and change resolution while it is still running? In my case, I change resolutions and then rerun the program.

chawk -

I''m using GLFW, so I don''t see the windows handle . I can see where you''re coming from, but don''t understand why the drawing space lost increases with the decrease in resolution. I would have though it either was the same, or less.

At a guess, the amount lost is only a handful of pixels, so I''ll plonk everything down low enough to avoid being topped.

But if anyone can provide an explanation...


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