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A Problem with OpenAL and Ogg Vorbis

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I have a pretty annoying problem. I used the tutorials at to create an ogg vorbis class for a demo. The problem is that in this function:
void COGG::EmptyQueue()
   int queued;

   alGetSourcei(source, AL_BUFFERS_QUEUED, &queued);

   while(queued-- > 0)
      ALuint buffer;

      alSourceUnqueueBuffers(source, 1, &buffer);
      if(alGetError() != AL_NO_ERROR)
         MessageBox(hWnd, "Unqueue error", "Error", MB_OK);
queued seems to be always below 0 on all computers (three computers) I''ve tried, and gives an infinte loop without the queued-- > 0 there. This happens even with a sound blaster live in my computer. Without a SBLive in the others, the following function seems to stuff up as processed is always below 0:
bool COGG::Update()
   int processed;
   bool active = true;

   alGetSourcei(source, AL_BUFFERS_PROCESSED, &processed);

   while(processed-- > 0)
      ALuint buffer;

      alSourceUnqueueBuffers(source, 1, &buffer);
      if(alGetError() != AL_NO_ERROR)
         MessageBox(hWnd, "Buffer Unqueue Error", "Error", MB_OK);

      active = Stream(buffer);

      alSourceQueueBuffers(source, 1, &buffer);
      if(alGetError() != AL_NO_ERROR)
         MessageBox(hWnd, "Buffer Queue Error", "Error", MB_OK);

   return active;
I changed while(processes--) to while(processes-- > 0) to avoid an infinite loop. I don''t know what alGetSourcei() means really and I''m totally stuck! I''m basically horrifically nervous as the thing is due in two days, can anyone help me? Thanks

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