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Andrew Russell

Orchestral Music In Reason (and bonus MOD)

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I noticed that more than one person seems to want the example of orchestral music done in Reason, so here it is. (Important note: none of this music is mine). This is a peice called The Living Infinate, by RayDeeOoh, and remixed for clasical orchestral by Simon Smith. I found this on ReasonStation. I've encoded this in Ogg Vorbis with q = -1.0 (about 45kbps) to save on my poor bandwidth, so excuse the less than steller quality for all those people with an ear good enough to detect it. (IMO: the fact that this still sounds awesome at this bandwidth, proves Ogg Vorbis is pretty damn fantastic) I would have liked to upload the version I have at q = 6, but that's over 8 megs This is a 2 meg file, 7:37 long. Ogg Vorbis file Appart from being a good example of the orchestral samples, it's a bloody awesome song too. Only problem would be that the piano towards the end is really a bit of overkill (even though I love piano). For those with Reason 2.5, download the RPS here Anyway, this goes to show how good the Orkester soundbank is. (while I'm at it, I've learned from the ReasonStation news that Propellerheads have updated their website - looks good) [edit] as an added bonus, here is an example of some beautiful music in the MOD format. I found this somewhere on the internet, and I cannot remember where... Acumen - One of a Kind 900k zip, containing a mod in IT format. 4:36 long. [/edit]
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