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B.A. in Game Design

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I go to Arizona State University and, well, I hate it. I have this unbelieveable love for finding out and tinkering with what makes games work, so I started looking for a career in it and soon stumbled upon a private college called Collins College here in AZ. They offer a B.A. in Game Design. Now I really want to go to this. I almost was going to start this semester but I decided to wait until July. I am just so worried that it may be a scam, too good to be true sort of thing. I was just wondering if anyone knew whether or not it was a good-to-go deal. I would be most appretiative of any sort of help (i.e. whether it is a scam and what to look for in terms of classes). Thank you in advance. :-)

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Check to see if they accept they are accredited by a group recognized by the US Dept of Education. If they are not accredited, then don''t waste on dime on that school.

Also check to see if federal financial aid is an option. If they are a classroom oriented school (ie, not primarily distance ed) this should be available. If not, that''s another warning flag.

All of the above could still be found to lacking, and they could still be legit, if they are realitively new, but do your research.

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