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Julia Set Calculator- Help!

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I've been tinkering with a Julia Set generator, and I need someone to check it over for me, if possible. It works using the (a + bi) format. I'm pretty sure my math is messed up incredibly, but I don't know any good ordered pairs to test whether or not it's spitting out the correct results.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>

float TempImg[2], Img1[2], Img2[2], ImgSum[2], OrigImg[2], a,b,c,d;

int x, count;

int Julia() {

	OrigImg[1] = Img1[1];
	OrigImg[2] = Img1[2]; 

	printf("%.2f, %.2fi\n\n", Img1[1], Img1[2]);

	while (x < 5) { 

	TempImg[1] = Img1[1] * Img1[1] - Img1[2] * Img1[2];
	TempImg[2] = Img1[1] * Img1[2] + Img1[2] * Img1[1];

	ImgSum[1] = TempImg[1] + Img2[1];
	ImgSum[2] = TempImg[2] + Img2[2];

	printf("%.2f, %.2fi\n\n", ImgSum[1], ImgSum[2]);

	Img1[1] = ImgSum[1];
	Img1[2] = ImgSum[2];



	return 1; 


void main() {

	printf("Julia Set Calculator\n");
	printf("--------------------- \n\n");

	printf("Imaginary Number 1 (Variable): \n\n");

	printf("Enter a: ");
	scanf("%f", &a);

	printf("Enter b: ");
	scanf("%f", &b);

	printf("\n\nImaginary Number 2 (Constant) \n\n");

	printf("Enter c: ");
	scanf("%f", &c);

	printf("Enter d: ");
	scanf("%f", &d);


	Img1[1] = a;
	Img1[2] = b;

	Img2[1] = c;
	Img2[2] = d;


	printf("\nIterations: %f\n\n", x);
[edited by - mrbugg on January 14, 2004 12:48:57 AM]

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(a+bi)^2=(a^2-b^2) + 2*a*b*i
ie.. I think... tempImg[2]=2.0f*Img1[1]*Img1[2];
you just messed up your complex squaring I think.
Also.. your loop is basically a for loop.. so why not make it a for loop?

EDIT: oops, thats what you are doing... well in any case.. the way I wrote it is faster.. and exactly the same, as multiplcation of reals is commutative. Why not just go ahead and make a plot.. that'll confirm it's correct. you need an escape condition however... just doing 5 iterations for each point is not going to give you anything worth plotting. You usually set a max iteration count.. and have a separate escape condition. If it hits max iterations without escaping.. it's in the set.. otherwise it's not (Julia set is all points which do not diverge under that iteration).

[edited by - dmounty on January 15, 2004 9:29:26 AM]

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Thank you! Yeah, I''ll definitely use your method of calculation rather than my own. My math skills are terrible, but I have an interest in the imaginary numbers, so I''m trying to tough it out.

Yeah, the 5 iterations was only a test for now, same with the escape condition not being there. Now that I have a better way to do the math, I can worry about setting up an actual Julia generator.

Thank you for your help! It''s greatly appreciated, especially since I know next to nothing about math!

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