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TinyXML quick question

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Given this XML file, how can i get to the data string "Washington" in C++
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
Im rather new to XML. A friend recommended to use because its useful in a lot of instances. Anway, i can navigate up to apples element, and get to it if its a attribuite of apples. But cant seem to find a way to get it if its data. Is data the term for strings between markup? Thanks

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I'll explain this quickly and in PsuedoCode which won't be the correct syntax or anything

TiXmlDocument xmlDoc;
xmlDoc->Load( filename );
char szSomeText[1024]; // holds your value

if (xmlDoc) // is valid?


TiXmlElement *xmlRoot, *xmlFruit, *xmlApples;

// get first sub element called 'root' in the document

xmlRoot = xmlDoc->FirstChildElement("root");
// check for validity

if (xmlRoot)
xmlFruit = xmlRoot->FirstChildElement("fruit");

if (xmlFruit)
xmlApples = xmlFruit->FirstChildElement("apples");

if (xmlApples)
// copy value over to the string array we set up before

strcpy( szSomeText, xmlApples->Value() );



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I think you get the child item of the <apples> tag (which is the text), and use the Value() method on it.

/** The meaning of ''value'' changes for the specific type of
Document: filename of the xml file
Element: name of the element
Comment: the comment text
Unknown: the tag contents
>>>> Text: the text string <<<<

The subclasses will wrap this function.

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Using a handle the syntax is a bit cleaner

TiXmlDocument document;
TiXmlHandle docHandle(&document);
TiXmlElement* foo = docHandle.FirstChild( "root" ).FirstChild( "fruit" ).FirstChild( "apples").Element();
if (foo)
// do something with foo, like foo->Value()


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