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Sameer Dhavale

triangle_fan with CG shaders

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Hi, I m trying to use Cg with OpenGL API. But even the simplest Vertex shader which does nothing void VertexProgram( in float4 position : POSITION, in float4 color : COLOR0, in float2 texCoord0 : TEXCOORD0, out float4 positionO : POSITION, out float4 colorO : COLOR0, out float2 texCoordO0 : TEXCOORD0, const uniform float4x4 ModelViewMatrix ) { positionO = mul(position, ModelViewMatrix); texCoordO0 = texCoord0; colorO = color; } isn''t working. is it because we are using GL_TRIANGLE_FAN? we r referring NEHE lesson47. the screen just shows black color. please help. Keep Smiling!

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