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pointer to member of class's pointer?

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Okay, i''m pretty sure i said it right in the subject, but let me try and explain: I have a class named "cApp", and an instance of that class named "App". This class has a member variable "m_Font" of the class "cFont", which is... well, a font to draw with. Now i wanted to put all my buttons in a vector, to make it easier to determine whether the mouse was hovering over a button, and if so which one. To make my cButton class flexible though, i figured it best to support both text, colored background and images. Anyway, i''m having trouble with the text part. I want to pass the button handling class (cButtons) the previously mentioned m_Font (as a pointer) to the button handling class so each of the buttons doesn''t have to create a font (which, i''m not sure, but i imagine would be quite a slowdown). Basically, here''s what i wanted to do: App->m_Buttons.Paint(App->m_Mouse.GetXPos(), App->m_Mouse.GetYPos(), App->m_Font*); Again, App is a pointer to an instance of the cApp class, of which m_Font is a member. So how do i get a pointer to the m_Font variable? (so i can pass-by-pointer). The error i get on build is: "error c2059: syntax error: '')'' ". It''s nothing to do with any other lines (like the MSVC++ help suggested). Also, i didn''t search google on this since i''ve no idea what to use as search term...

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If cApp::m_Font is a pointer:
App->m_Buttons.Paint(App->m_Mouse.GetXPos(), App->m_Mouse.GetYPos(), App->m_Font); // no asterisk!

If it''s an object:
App->m_Buttons.Paint(App->m_Mouse.GetXPos(), App->m_Mouse.GetYPos(), &App->m_Font); // pass address of object

Hope that answers what you''re asking..

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