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Basic 2D tank movement

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I'm having trouble getting the 'feel' of a simple tank game. The basic problem is that I'm not sure how to simulate rolling objects. The tank has a left tread and a right tread. The way the code works now is this: 1) If the user presses 'up', the tank accelerates in the direction it is facing 2) If the user presses 'down', it reverses 3) 'left' and the tank rotates left by a constant amount. Friction is applied perpendicular to the velocity vector in the direction of the left tread (pulling it to the left). 4) 'right' and " " " " " 5) Friction is applied opposite to the direction of the tank's velocity Instead of the tank rolling along the direction its treads are pointing, it continues to 'slide' in the direction it was moving, simply because I don't know how to implement the rolling behavior in terms of vectors. Can someone please shed some light on this? Note: I only need something simple that 'feels' right, nothing too fancy.

	CVector zaxis(0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f);
	// friction1 = drag it backwards, 2 and 3 = left and right treads

	if (g_keys->keyDown [VK_UP] == TRUE) {
		g_accel = g_facing * 50.0f;
	if (g_keys->keyDown [VK_DOWN] == TRUE) {
 		g_accel = g_facing * -50.0f;
	if (g_keys->keyDown [VK_LEFT] == TRUE) {
		g_angle -= 60.0f * delta;
		g_facing.RotateZ(-60.0f * delta);

		friction2 = g_vel;
		// make it perp to the velocity

		friction2 = CrossProduct(friction2, zaxis);
		friction2 *= 20.0f;
	if (g_keys->keyDown [VK_RIGHT] == TRUE) {
 		g_angle += 60.0f * delta;
		g_facing.RotateZ(60.0f * delta);

		friction3 = g_vel;
		// make it perp to the velocity

		friction3 = CrossProduct(friction3, zaxis);
		friction3 *= -20.0f;

	if (g_angle > 360.0f) g_angle -= 360.0f;
	if (g_angle < 0.0f) g_angle += 360.0f;

	// make the tank gradually slow down

	friction1 = g_vel;
	friction1 *= 20.0f;

	// sum the forces

	g_accel += friction1;
	g_accel += friction2;
	g_accel += friction3;

	g_vel += g_accel * delta;
	g_pos += g_vel * delta;
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for a simple tank game, you can fudge it more easily, by doing

tank.accel = (g_keys->keyDown[VK_UP])? 50.0f : (g_keys->keyDown[VK_down])? -50.0f : 0.0f;

tank.heading += (g_keys->keyDown[VK_LEFT])? -60.0f * delta : (g_keys->keyDown[VK_RIGHT])? + 60.0f * delta : 0.0f;

if (tank.heading < 0.0f) tank.heading += 360.0f;

if (tank.heading > 360.0f) tank.heading -= 360.0f;

tank.speed += (tank.accel * delta) - (tank.speed * friction);

tank.Dir = Vector(cos(tank.heading * PI / 180.0f), sin(tank.heading * PI / 180.0f));

tank.Pos += tank.Dir * (tank.speed * delta);

if you really want to use friction and treads, then you have to use dynamics, where you apply a different amount of force on each tread, and use slip angles for friction.

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