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Winamp plug-in, anyone share their experiences? :)

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Hi guys and gals, OK, I was sitting there, bored, guess I should try something new out, put my mind away from ISO tiles a while. I logged on to the internet, found my way into Winamp''s plug-in page. Have the vis SDK downloaded. Looked into the code, well, I know C, I know C++, but I can hardly understand the way that piece of code works, without any documentations. So that''s why I''m here, looking anyone of you to share your experiences. Where do I get a documentations for that? Or some of you willing to tell me? Haha, thanks a lot for paying attention, hope to hear from everyone of you. But before that, I''m still bored......

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Haven''t done any vis plugins, but I''ve done a couple output plugins, an input/general plugin combination that allows for network control of winamp with winamp, and a dsp plugin that acts like a one user shoutcast server.

I can''t give you much in the way of help, but I can give a few tips from the expirience I''ve had.

1) I myself would make the plugin in c (rename the file from .cpp to .c) cause when I first started I had dll troubles from it being a .cpp file, making it a .c fixed it....

2) Make winamp your bitch. Latch winamp''s WndProc function (GetwindowLong (yadda, yadda, yadda)) And use that to catch messages, specifically the WM_CLOSE message (be sure to postmessage the WM_CLOSE back onto the message que, otherwise you''ll get access violatiojns). This may not be a prob for vis plugins, but mine needed a better way then the quit func, cause winamp doesn''t exactly handle shutdown that well..

3) Be careful that everything is correct when you submit your plugin, Unless they have fixed the site, it''s got some bugs.. Needless to say even if it complains about a bad entry, it still gets added to the data base, so when you correct it, more entries popup as bad cause there "Already in the database".

4) Don''t give out your e-mail with it.. Out of all the message I get half are from people who don''t realize that there cd-rom doesn''t play thru the wave-out device, 1/4 ask about making gapless cd''s or just making cd''s in general, 1/10th actually have legit questions, and the last bit ask stuff that makes you wonder how they are able to turn there computer on.. (Sorry, had to rant)

well, thats all I can really think of off the top of my head, feel free to e-mail me questions. I''ll try to respond as best as I can..


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