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Is Fedora the test puppet of RedHat?

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I currently use RedHat 8.0 and am looking to switch to either a new distro or Fedora and i was wondering, what is the general feeling about the fedora project at the moment? Is it the proving grounds for Red Hat Enterprise so much so that content and 'experimental stuff' is so dictated as to be detrimental to the user? i.e is there a feeling that redhat is going to push its enterprise interests into the fedora project so that that it overrides our interests, or sends it in directions not benefical to us? If so i can put my energies into another distro. Just wondering what 'word on the street' was? Cheers. [edited by - shamen on January 16, 2004 9:43:38 AM]

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I don''t think that Fedora will become a test puppet for RedHat at all. I believe that Fedora is simply a way for RedHat corporate to improve the bottom line by not having a free distro under the same title as the Enterprise version. i.e. to stop competing with itself.

Having said that, it is possible that Fedora will inherit some new features that go into Enterprise, but even this seems unlikely to me.

I would feel confident that you can expect the same from Fedora as you have seen when it was released under the RedHat banner. The only thing that may change is that patches will be released for it longer than the average lifespan of a mayfly.

All this, of course, is mere speculation. Although I have used Fedora Core briefly (which left me with a favourable impression) I switched to SuSE a while ago, mainly because RedHat''s insanely low support period for patches.

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Fedora is a nice distribution, backed by the folks at RedHat.

If you use redhat linux, and don''t want to deal with switch to something else, fedora is for you.

Otherwise, use debian. ;-)

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