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Feedforward Networks Information

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hi, does anyone know anywhere that i can find accurate information about "Feedforward Networks with perturbation based learning"... ive been looking all over the internet but i cant find much about it..i belive its where you add a value to the weight along the way, a man named John Manslow demonstrated this in a tanks game... but as i said i havent found much else out about this..any help would be great thanks...

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Although they can be quite effective, perturbation searches are only very rarely used to train neural networks. I used them in the GPG2 gem because it''s easy to understand how they work without knowing much about neural networks or having a strong maths background. After all, the gem was designed only as an introduction.

The type of neural network used in the gem was a mutlilayer perceptron (MLP), which are most commonly trained using backpropagation gradient descent. You should find quite a lot of information about that on the internet if you don''t like the perturbation search.



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