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I am working on developing a game for the PC, and I need to write the scripts for the cut scenes that are going to be added after each level. The scenes are not going to be lengthy, but they will involve interaction between some of the characters the player encounters. I am not familiar with writing scripts for movies, and I was wondering if anybody knew of some good templates or samples I could see. I just want to make sure that the vision I have in my mind comes out on paper properly. Your help is greatly appreciated! Bill Goetz

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just look for a script or screenplay online somewhere but i can sum up what you need in a few lines if you dont feel like looking.

you need to describe the setting of the scene.
also you need to describe all action made by objects or characters. Lastly you need the charcter dialogs.

basically you write down what is happening, where it is happening , who is involved and how they are involved. theres no nessecary template requirement unless your development team sets one out.

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And normally film scripts are done in 12pt New Courier font. Names of characters are in capitals when speaking and their speach (& name) is indented into the centre of the page (about 2~ on either side).

I doubt you''ll need these but...

P.O.V. point of view
V.O. - voice over (next to a character''s name)
O.O.V. - out of view when talking

And sometimes writers put in camera directions too.

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