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2D SDL Engine Developing VERY Nicely ... Some Information For You! =)

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Hello everyone. I am a 16-year-old who makes applications and games for Windows. I have been using GameDev.net for references and forums for quite some time now. It''s taught me a lot of techniques and new things. I am creating a 2D engine using the SDL library. I am going to use it for a game I am developing called "Martians Attack: Armageddon". My friends and I have a group, called "TriFaze", and the oldest person is 19-years-old. This is stuff we do for fun, in our spare time. The game will be set somewhere between the years 2000 and 2060. We don''t have a story complete yet, but it''s in the writing process. It''s not a large team, but we aren''t really looking for much help. We have only one programmer (Me =)). We also have a level designer, a music composer, a graphic artist, and two story writers. I double as the programmer and graphic artist. Thanks to a member on the GameDev.net forums, we are able to have a level editing application. I want to thank him very much for his help. It''s going to be great for our level designer. We are planning on starting the game once the engine, story, and a few other design planning is done. I am not too sure when you can expect a release of the game, but I will make a post here once we get even a *basic* prototype of the game up, even if you just fly your ship with no enemies. I just want to share this information with you all. Anyone who is interested in helping design graphics for the game can feel free to e-mail me, using the address given below. That''s probably all we need as of right now. If you think you may be able to help in any way, please feel free to contact me. We are planning on a possible marketing of the game, only if we get some good feedback. When I post a complete version, or a demo, of the game. I, like I said earlier, will let you all know by making a post on these forums. We would like to know, also, when it comes out, if you think it would sell good on the market. If not, it''s alright with us. I am just wanting to get something started so I have some work to look back on when I am older. I plan on attending a game development school after I complete high school. Thank you all very much for your support (if any given ). =) I am making myself work hard on this engine so it can be completed. Thanks once again, Matt U.

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Make it so it can use multiple languages, and i''ll localise it for Portuguese for you. Save my email (sig).

The best of luck with your project, and if you need a hosting page, check my game-community oriented website, Positronic Dreams (sig). (shamelles plug i know, but im sincere )

[Hugo Ferreira][Positronic Dreams][Colibri 3D Engine][Entropy HL2 MOD][Yann L.][Enginuity]
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