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Tetris game

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I did a Tetris game(I called it Falling Stones). , but please, download it and tell me if it works on 24 bits color mode. My video card supports only 16 and 32. I made the game for 24 too, but I can't test it. Also, what do you think I should change at it? Is the design ok? Download EDIT: This is the english version [edited by - Frozen on February 7, 2004 4:12:40 PM]

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Actually, no, it doesn''t, try putting http:// in front of your links. Hm, well, doesn''t run too bad on my computer, the controls don''t really feel right but other than that, nice.

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Original post by DerAnged
My opinion = tetris++; much better than the old tetris(or my version of tetris) keep up the good work;

[Mercury Software] [Google!] [ Look I DONT Follow Trends ]

I couldn''t agree more

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I made this for a game contest(27th of March, wish me luck). I'm glad that you like it.

[edited by - Frozen on February 7, 2004 4:14:32 PM]

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Great game.. but it crashed when I completed my 10th line.. I took a screenshot of the debug assembly with the game off to the side. If you''d like I''ll email that screenshot to you..

Windows XP Pro
1GHz Athlon
512mb ram
1600x1200 @ 32bit


Here''s the debug assembly in MSVC6

77F536BC mov dword ptr [esi+4],ecx
77F536BF jmp 77F53697
77F536C1 cmp byte ptr [ebp-1Dh],bl
77F536C4 jne 77F7A283
77F536CA ret
77F536CB movzx eax,word ptr [edi]
77F536CE mov ecx,dword ptr [ebp+10h]
77F536D1 add eax,dword ptr [ecx]
77F536D3 cmp eax,0FE00h
77F536D8 ja 77F51ED1
77F536DE cmp byte ptr [ebp+14h],0
77F536E2 jne 77F8C71D
77F536E8 push edi
77F536E9 push ebx
77F536EA call 77F51EF2
77F536EF mov eax,dword ptr [edi+8]
77F536F2 mov ecx,dword ptr [edi+0Ch]
77F536F5 cmp eax,ecx
77F536F7 mov dword ptr [ecx],eax
77F536F9 mov dword ptr [eax+4],ecx
77F536FC je 77F5374B
77F536FE mov al,byte ptr [edi+5]
77F53701 test al,4
77F53703 jne 77F8C7D6
77F53709 mov al,byte ptr [esi+5]
77F5370C and al,10h
77F5370E test al,10h
77F53710 mov byte ptr [edi+5],al
77F53713 jne 77F5385E
77F53719 movzx ecx,word ptr [edi]
77F5371C mov eax,dword ptr [ebp+10h]
77F5371F add dword ptr [eax],ecx
77F53721 movzx ecx,word ptr [edi]
77F53724 sub dword ptr [ebx+28h],ecx
77F53727 test byte ptr [edi+5],10h
77F5372B mov ax,word ptr [eax]
77F5372E mov esi,edi
77F53730 mov word ptr [edi],ax
77F53733 jne 77F51ED1
77F53739 mov eax,dword ptr [ebp+10h]
77F5373C mov ecx,dword ptr [eax]
77F5373E mov ax,cx
77F53741 mov word ptr [edi+ecx*8+2],ax <-- DEBUG HERE
77F53746 jmp 77F51ED1
77F5374B mov ax,word ptr [edi]
77F5374E cmp ax,80h
77F53752 jae 77F536FE
77F53754 movzx ecx,ax

Debug was pointing to address 77F53741.

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My mail is alin9d@yahoo.com . Thx a lot for telling me this. I'll see what I can do. Pls send that screenshot.

[edited by - Frozen on January 26, 2004 5:40:37 PM]

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