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Request for suggestions

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Hello all, I was hoping to get some tips for a demo/tutorial I''m going to start working on soon. On my site http:\\daltxcoltsfan.tripod.com the second demo down is a modeling tool I''ve been working on. The site isn''t up to date but it at least shows the idea. What I plan to do is a series of examples that hopefully cover a significant portion of what can and can''t be covered by default OpenGL lighting. The only meaningful examples I''ve come up with so far are: Directional lights spotlights hitting glu spheres and cylinders spotlights hitting polygons, to demonstrate that light calculations happen at the vertices so if you shine a spotlight at the middle of a big rectangle nothing happens, color mixing between lights and polygons and that''s really it - what I''d like to illustrate are meaningful things you can do with the combination of material properties and lights, like specular reflection and shininess, and also when will turning on and off Local Viewer and Separate Specular Color actually give different results, but I''m having trouble getting any of them to work. So what I''m hoping for is suggestions for other meaningful combinations of light and material properties for the tutorial/demo. Any thoughts? I''ll appreciate them! Love means nothing to a tennis player

My nothing-to-write-home-about OpenGL webpage. (please pardon the popups!)

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