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__delegates across multiple projects

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okok i was fiddling ard with managed delegates. i couldnt seem to get them working across 2 different projects. suppose project 1: //somewhere in NameSpace1 public __delegate MyEventHandler(); //somewhere in a class public __gc class MyEventSource { __event MyEventHandler* OnMyEvent(); }; then in project 2: public __gc class MyEventReceiver { //somewhere during initialisation myEventSource->OnMyEvent += new MyEventHandler(this, MyEventReceiver::MyCallBack); }; i got a couple of weird errors, cannot convert parameter 1 from ''NameSpace1::MyEventHandler __gc *'' to ''NameSpace1::MyEventSource::__Delegate_OnMyEvent __gc *'' any one tried such form of delegates yet? much help is greatly appreciated. thx! Edwinz

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