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Loading and playing an Object from a Resource or Memory Address

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Can somebody tell me how to play a sound from a Resource DLL? I use the following functions: // sets up a sound HRESULT C3DSound::Setup(HMODULE hMod, WORD wResourceID, IDirectMusicPerformance8* pPerformance, IDirectMusicLoader8* pLoader){ HRESULT hr; DMUS_OBJECTDESC objDesc; m_pLoader = pLoader; HRSRC hFound = FindResource(hMod, MAKEINTRESOURCE(wResourceID), "WAVE"); HGLOBAL hRes = LoadResource(hMod, hFound); if (NULL == hRes) return E_FAIL; objDesc.dwSize = sizeof(DMUS_OBJECTDESC); objDesc.guidClass = CLSID_DirectMusicSegment; objDesc.dwValidData = DMUS_OBJ_CLASS | DMUS_OBJ_MEMORY; objDesc.pbMemData = (BYTE *) LockResource(hRes); objDesc.llMemLength = SizeofResource(hMod, hFound); if (m_pLoader){ hr = m_pLoader->GetObject( &objDesc, IID_IDirectMusicSegment8, (LPVOID*) &m_pSegment); } else{ return E_INVALIDARG; } // Download the segment''s instruments to the synthesizer if (FAILED(hr = m_pSegment->Download( m_pPerformance ))) return hr; // by default don''t repeat soundss if (FAILED(hr = m_pSegment->SetRepeats( 0 ))) return hr; // Create the 3D audiopath with a 3d buffer. // We can then play this segment through this audiopath (and hence the buffer) // and alter its 3D parameters. if (FAILED(hr = m_pPerformance->CreateStandardAudioPath( DMUS_APATH_DYNAMIC_3D, 64, TRUE, &m_p3DAudioPath ))) return hr; // Get the IDirectSound3DBuffer8 from the 3D audiopath if (FAILED(hr = m_p3DAudioPath->GetObjectInPath( DMUS_PCHANNEL_ALL, DMUS_PATH_BUFFER, 0, GUID_NULL, 0, IID_IDirectSound3DBuffer, (LPVOID*) &m_pDSB ))) return hr; // get the listener from the 3d audiopath if (FAILED(m_p3DAudioPath->GetObjectInPath(0, DMUS_PATH_PRIMARY_BUFFER, 0, GUID_All_Objects, 0, IID_IDirectSound3DListener, (void **)&m_pListener))) return hr; return S_OK; } When I execute this function it returns S_OK so everything goes well (I Guess) but when I try to play the sound I loaded with the following code: // play the sound HRESULT C3DSound:lay(bool bLoop){ HRESULT hr; if (bLoop) // Tell DirectMusic to repeat this segment forever if (FAILED(hr = m_pSegment->SetRepeats( DMUS_SEG_REPEAT_INFINITE ))) return hr; // Play segment on the 3D audiopath if (FAILED(hr = m_pPerformance->PlaySegmentEx( m_pSegment, NULL, NULL, DMUS_SEGF_SECONDARY, 0, NULL, NULL, m_p3DAudioPath ))) return hr; return S_OK; } I get a first chance exception. Does anybody know what I''m doing wrong?

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