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Landfish T-Shirts!

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I know why you are looking at this. You saw the name "Landfish" next to the word "t-shirt", and no doubt you thought to yourself: "My god, the bastard is setting up franchises..." Not quite. You see, is the fledgling development group of whom yours truly is a member. The other members of the team have some t-shirt connections, so we thought "What the hell!" The T-shirts will probably read: "End Goblin Genocide..." as a tribute to my gamedev beginnings. The front will probably have the logo; see the coming soon page at They might cost $15 to $20 dollars. You might want to buy one, just so you can wear a gamedev in-joke around, or perhaps to attend one of the burnings that will be inevitably held by my detractors. ===== Are you aware that the people who bring you television actually refer to it openly as "programming?"

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