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2D racing game

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Hi All I am planning to write a simple 2D racing game in flash for a website. I am Ok with acceleration and collision detection. I just need a little help with steering and sliding around corners. I''ll need to change the origin of the car movie clip then rotate the car around this point and I don''t know how. Are there any tutorials for simple 2D racing games? Thanks. Giles Roadnight

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hi Roaders,

I am adding my problem to urs and please give me favour.


I am developing a 2D car racing game for mobile devices with perspective view.I don`t have much ideas about it.

I want some thing like this (please see these URLs)



I have some questions

1) what is the math involved with perspective view
2) how to implement it
3) which type of map representation will be there (if any) ?


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