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Modifying Textures

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I like messing around with cellular automaton things, but I don''t know any efficient way to change the lattice each time around. The way it''s done now is that I have a big array the size of the grid, and I do all the cellular automaton stuff on that, then at the end of the iteration I create a texture using the lattice. Obviously, this is a horrible waste of memory since I''m creating a new texture each iteration. I need a way to modify the original texture, so I don''t have to keep making new ones and sucking up my memory. I''m pretty sure this is possible, I just don''t know how. Any helpw ould be great, and if this post is a big incoherent, well I''m sorry. If you need more information or don''t know what I''m talking about just ask, I''ll explain it better.

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Original post by benjamin bunny
glTexSubImage2D is probably what you need. You should find it''s a lot faster than creating new textures all the time.

[edited by - benjamin bunny on January 19, 2004 1:30:44 AM]

How does that function know which texture to edit though?

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