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alex mcandrew

modelling supply production and consumption

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I need some assistance designing game rules and calculations for a turn-based strategy wargame based on a 2d tilemap. The premise is that WW1 didn''t occur, but Europe was plagued by revolts and coups everywhere. The player takes control of a newly formed state, and manages its economy (trade, consumer needs, and military needs), diplomacy (not sure about this part yet), and most importantly, the military. I made a differnet post in this forum yesterday which I have now deleted after receiving a response. I have already implemented my own graphics engine with map editor and have begun some game specific coding. However, before I dive deeper into the coding I need to flesh out the design a little bit further. What I am looking for is ome help with developing game rules and calculations primarily revolving around supply production, consumer consumption, and military consumption. The game focuses heavily on supplies, and I have implemented what I call "battle fronts" which is close to a simulation of trench warfare. In order for units to launch attacks and defend efficiently, they must be in supply. These battle fronts must be kept in supply by supply lines which are traced back to factories. Units will also have a supply storage capacity in order to fight efficiently for several turns without being directly in supply. As of right now, I will be using the following "supplies" which can all be manufactured at factories: - light munitions - heavy munitions - medicine - food - entertainment - tools Military units will have the following attributes (relating to supplies): - light munitions - heavy munitions - food - medicine - max storage - morale - strength, represents number of usable men within unit - attack efficiency - defend efficiency Assuming that supplies are existent in battle fronts, I need to figure out how I will manage military units'' stats. Some of the questions I am asking myself are: Should the food and medicine stats represent how much food and medicine a unit has, and then each turn a certain number is deducted from this and these can then be replenished form the supply source, or should they represent how much the unit needs? How should food and medicine relate to unit strength? I would appreciate any ideas relating to this. Also, I will be needing some assistance figuring out the larger scale of supply production and consumption. ie I need to figure out numbers and calculations that balance the production of supplies in factories, the consumption of supplies by military units, and the consumption of supplies by the population (only food, medicine, tools, and entertainment are required for population). Thanks again to anybody that can provide any suggestions.

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