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Quicksilver696    122
Hello, had a quick question for all you Win32 programmers out there. I have been trying to alter the icon displayed on my projects .exe file. I use VC++ 5.0 and I have been told to add a resource file with the icon in it then insert it into the file. Now being entirely new to resources can someone explain in fine detail how I can go about inserting this icon? Also I am not using MFC code, as my project is created as a standard Win32 Application. Oh btw, does anyone know what I should name my icon as? IDR_MAINFRAME? IDI_ICON1? And do I have to create my own Resource.h file to declare the values for the resource? Thanks in advance.... -Quicksilver

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baskuenen    124
- Have you tried: LoadIcon(hInst, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDI_ICON1));
- The name you give isn''t important - name it what you want!
- A "resource.h" file is automaticly created for you in MSVC!
- If you include multiple resource icons in your app, the one with the lowest ID-value will be displayed in the MS Explorer...

Hope this is enough
- Bas

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