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hey i was thinking bout buying your engine. im really new(read dont know how to program yet)to game development and wanted to ask a few questions 1.can i incorparate the technature engine source into your engine? 2.i seen some complaining bout your engine.whats the real deal with this.basically what i get the jest of is its hard to add stuff. 3.direct3d.dont most cards support opengl or do most cards support direct3d.seems opengl.what bout the geoforce2 card that is the standard in new comps?does this have all the features of the matrox card chipset that only certain examples run on? 4. i wanna incoparate milkshape models into this engine.possiable? 5.buying your liscence for 10,000 includes all source and the freedom to design as many games with it as i wish eh? 6.ive seen you can have an outdoor engine and a indoor engine if you work this in.using the seamless boundary of the levels could i incorprate this and could i have it so it doesnt randomly place it.looking to place buildings.underground and above in a central location. 7.the rendering engine works in such a way that the fog in the distance is actually a cut off point for the engine so it doesnt bog down the cpu by drawling it all right? 8.im assuming with the 300 dollar purchase you dont get any source or cant change certain rendering capabilities or add certain things.whats the limitations?what cant i do? 9.how much you gonna charge for upgrades.eh? well thats all i can think of today.if you could answer these questions for me id appricate it. thanx

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1) I don''t know anything about the technature engine, but you can use PR to create anything you want. You can build objects from scratch given the vertex, face, material and texture information.

2) I think there was one person that didn''t like it because he
couldn''t add zip file support. I''ve had very few negative comments like this over the past 5 years.

3) Most cards support both OpenGL and Direct3D. If a card didn''t most people won''t buy it
Environmental Bump mapping is the one new features that only Matrox (and soon Radeon) support. Geforce doesn''t have it.

4) Yes, if you know how to read the format you can import it.

5) Yes.

6) I think I will try combining a BSP viewer with the outdoor engine, but that is in the distant future.

7) The engine has a horizon cut off point. The fog is there to hide the fact there is nothing beyond it.

8) You get a lot of source with the standard license. For example, all of the examples programs, PRO Edit, Lanscape Studio, and the character system. You also get the render states for all the rendering methods so you can create your own.

9) Minor upgrades are free and given out by FTP. Major upgrades that require a new CD are $25 (see the order form).

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1.could i get the full liscence and use this to make my own engine.Im looking at one/two years development with about two to three others.than sell it.any restrictions on this?it wouldnt be the same when i was done.im just looking to speed up this process.you should check out technature itsway kewl.heres the url.


i dont know.what you think.looks kinda kewl to me eh?

2.by the way i liked your landscape demo.thats was very good.as was your other ones.

3.how many people bought this engine(just curious,you dont have to answer)

thats bout it.thanx chris i appreciate it alot.

cya later

Edited by - MrN on July 26, 2000 1:43:24 AM

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