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OpenGL Creating and animating models in OpenGL

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I''m working an university project and I want to have animated models in the game. Well more accuretly one model with about a dozen diffrent animated moves. I''m not looking to make highly detailed models, simple ones are fine. Can anyone offer advice on a free 3D modelling program to use. As well as tutorials on importing those models and activating the correct animations in an openGl application I would be very much apprecated. ----------------------------------------------------- Writer, Programer, Cook, I''m a Jack of all Trades Current Design project Chaos Factor Design Document

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Try with anim8or ( It''s small, but good modeling program, and it can maintain animating. The anim8or uses .an8 files which are easy to understand and you can find explanations about .an8 files on the internet. I have obtained source code of Anim8or for loading files, if you want I can send it to you.

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You can also try MilkShape3D. It's free for the first 30 days. The license itself is $25,- but well worth it. It supports a great range of model formats. One of the most popular is MD2 (from Quake2). They are pretty easy to understand, render at high speeds and there are tons of MD2 loaders, viewers and tutorials on the web. For instance, check NeHe's site.

EDIT: Stupied me. Here's a clicky: MilkShape3D

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