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Pinball physics

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Ok. I''m working on writing a pinball DLL for Game Maker, and I was wondering if any of you know of a web page with a buncha stuff about pinball physics so that it can be a bit more realistic than the equasions I think of.

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Nope, all I can say is that I''ve been spending way to much time on the Gladiators pinball machine at work.

Here are a few things you should consider in how you implent the system.
The ball tends to pick up a spin easily, horizontally.
The ball is capable of a counter spin, spin in reverse of it''s roll. Not often but it can happen.
The ball may become airborn off the table.(Way to many times we''ve slapped the ball into the upper glass)

So basically, your ball should have good collision detection, keep track of it''s spin, it''s coefficent of friction, and momentum.

I guess the biggest thing would be to find the coeffiect of friction of various surfaces in a pinball table, but most importantly the ball. Then make the rest "feel" right if you can''t find data.

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Indeed pinball physics would be fantastic to look at..

Do people really notice the ball spining in Pinball??

I cant say i have ever seen that.

Also there is other stuff like anglular velocity of the paddel that you would have to simulate.
The effects of gravity so keep track of the mass of the ball.

If anybody knows of any links or are prepared (able) to explain all of this i too would be interested!


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