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Delaying packets...

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To test the limits of playability in a small and dirty network game, I would like to simulate higher pings on my ADSL connection. Thus, I am looking for a tool for Windows kernel that is able to delay packets being sent out for a set amount of time. Some searching has found various bandwith control programs, but these have the nasty side effect of packetloss and mass fluctuations (rather than a stable higher ping). Anyone happen to know of any?

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Why don''t you just add this funtionality to your networking code? Just archive outgoing messages with associated timestamps on when you want them sent and send them at that time? By doing this you can even randomly set the send time to emulate choppy net connections. Perhaps you can also add the ability to set a packet loss ratio that fails to send packets to help get an even better emulation of a slow/bad network connection. I do this and it virtually eliminates suprises when my games are released.

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