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HEAP error

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Hi I have a problem in VC++ 6.0 with an allocation and I can''t find the cause.. Somewhere in the code I do a really bad thing with one variable or so; when I debug the code I get the following message in the output window: HEAP[my_program_name.exe]: Invalid allocation size - fffffffc (exceeded 7ffdefff) If someone can tell me what can cause this error or how I could find the way to it (in the code). Breakpoints are no good here.. Sure, I could start watching the behavior of dynamically generated variables, but seems everything ok to me. Thanks

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Guest Anonymous Poster
check out :


an industrial strength memory validator. You have a 30 day trial, it''s pretty ez to use. I just tried it myself.

Good Luck!


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I don't remember seeing that, but I'm taking a wild guess that fffffffc is actually suppose to be a signed number, not an unsigned number, so 0xFFFFFFFC = -4. That would imply that somewhere you might be trying to do something like:

char* pCharArray;
pCharArray = new char[SomeCalculatedSize];
and SomeCalculatedSize happens to equal -4, which would be interpreted as an unsigned long, instead of a signed long, which would then equal 4294967292 (~4 gig), which is more memory than you're allowed to allocate. The 0x7FFDEFFF equals 2147348479 (~2 gig) which I believe is the max that any typical Win32 program can allocate.

Hope that helps.

[Edit - I was previously allocating ints, not chars, so my example was actualy allocating 16 gigs, not 4 gigs like I had stated]

[edited by - Agony on January 23, 2004 12:07:55 PM]

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