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Shader woes

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Okay, so I got myself a copy of the Torque engine to play with and I''m very impressed, I''ve only had chance to have a short mess around so far but the one largest thing it seems to be missing (I could be totally wrong here in which case half this post is void) is shader support. Now the engine supports Direct3D and OpenGL, if I want to keep cross platform support I''d have to keep GL, the GL shader language doesn''t seem terribly tried and tested and widespread right now, as well as a current seeming lack of support for it, so there''s a choice of Cg, which is great for nVidia cards but not so great for ATI cards. The DirectX shader language seems more widely supported across cards, yet DX isn''t cross platform. So the main question I hope someone can help with is: What''s the best way to implement shader support for a first time game based on the engine, should I consider dropping cross platform support and stick with the DirectX shader language which I am admittedly more used to. Or should I implement my own shader language interface that calls back to the different shader languages depending on which they''re using, i.e. Direct3D or GL. What other ways or what method would you use to keep the portability/time to develop aspect most efficient, e.g. drop DX, keep GL go GLSLang, drop cross platform, use DXSL or whatever else you can think of Does anyone have any links/resources pertaining to writing a shader interface or even a custom shader engine (ala Quake 3), r even more specifically information on shaders in the Torque engine? Thanks, Xest.

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