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does Voodoo 3 support windowed modes?

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OtakuCODE    122
I made a little demo program and didn''t know if I needed to do anything special to make it work with other rednerers... I linked it with opengl32.lib and all that jazz, I figured it was statically linking stuff for my geForce in there... but then I sent it to someone (a stranger, none of my friends use v3s) with a v3 and he ran it, it dumped the renderer it was using. Sure enough, it was using the v3 renderer in a window...

Go for it.

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Planetes    122
Just thought I''d throw my 2 cents in. Since the original message was so vague, I figure it''s worth adding that the Voodoo3 card does hardware accelerated rendering in a window under Linux using XFree86 4.0 (DRI) or higher.

Interestingly enough, older versions of XF86 only accelerate fullscreen and the new versions don''t have a true fullscreen mode (it''s basically a window the same resolution as the desktop.)


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