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Three cheers for NeHe!!!

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Last night I finally decided to break rank and do a little graphics coding. Until now I''ve been getting increasingly annoyed by the concept of using a prefab engine in my game, mostly this is due to missing features or in the case of crystalspace too many features (that are so heavily cross integrated I couldn''t be bother try to extricate them from their code). So, I gave NeHe''s tutorials a try. The first one was king of long and nearly scared me off until I noticed that most of the contents were already in my head anyway(windows creation message handling etc). Then I tried drawing my first triangle, EASY!, played with it, moved it closer, further away etc, then kept following the lessons until I was spinning textured cubes.STILL EASY! Now, from what I''ve learnt I can see how a model loader would be constructed. It was one of those ''moments'' you know what I mean, like the first time you ''get'' linked lists'' or radix sorts or etc... Anyway, just thought I''d give credit where due (he got an email as well) gimp PS : Now those nasty idea''s of actually creating my own outdoors engine look closer.... more late night on the horizon I say.

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