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again a QUESTÝON about pointers

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tonymontana    100

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;


unsigned int mystrlen(char*);
char* mystrcpy(char* , char* const); 


int main()
	char yazi2;
	char* yazim="bu alemin krali geliyorrrr";
	return 0;


unsigned int mystrlen(char* anystr)
	unsigned int cntr1=0;
	for(  ; *(anystr+cntr1)!=''\0''; ++cntr1)
	return cntr1;
char* mystrcpy(char* destination,char* const  source)
	unsigned int cntrdes=mystrlen(destination);
	unsigned int cntrsour=mystrlen(source);
	switch (cntrdes>=cntrsour)
	case true:
			int cntr1=0;
				*(cntrdes+cntr1)=*(source+cntr1);  // this is causing error

		*(destination+cntr1)=''\0'';   // this too..	             

	case false:
			int cntr2=0;
			for( ; cntr2<=cntrdes;++ cntr2)
				*(destination+cntr2)=*(source+cntr2);  // this is also causing error

			*(destination+cntr)=''\0'';   // this too..

	return destination;

/*  all i want to do is   with this code is to assign value of source char to  destination char
 as that
	   destination[cntr1]=source[cntr1];     // but i want to do that wiht pointers

       what is wrong at that code and how can i do that
	   *(cntrdes+cntr1)=*(source+cntr1);       ???

  second question is
  how can i get the content of a pointer to char*(assume as a array..)



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Codman    181
I would recomend the following changes:


"char *yazi2" instead "char yazi2"

You receive an error in true statement in line *(cntrdes + cntr1) =... because instead of cntrdes should be destination . Cntrdes is an int and is a right-value.

Last error: cntr should be replaced with cntr2.

Good luck!

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