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The Future of Lightwave

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What do you guys think is in the future for Lightwave? I have read alot of poeple saying that lightwave will not last long (which is kinda funny since lightwave has been arounf for more than 10 years, I think), but there was a good point made that most companies what there modeler''s to use max of maya. what do you guys think about this.

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Lightwave isn''t going anywhere; I''d expect Maya to go away, given the Alias|Wavefront problems/layoffs that have been going on for MONTHS, way before Lightwave.

A LOT of companies that claim to use Maya use Maya only for animation/export to RenderMan; companies including ILM, Digital Domain, Weta, etc. use Lightwave a significant portion of the time for modeling, since the LW modeler is just so damned easy to use compared to Maya''s.

Whomever told you LW is going away is dead wrong - they''re probably basing that false assumption on the fact that a lot of LW''s top programmers have left to begin work on their own package. But, seeing as how the same thing happened when many left to work at the now-long-defunct StationX, which spawned Project:Messiah, it''s not like it''s something new; programmers leave companies all the time to work on their own package, and usually fail - Messiah is the exception to the rule.

-Nick "digisoap" Robalik
Web & Print Design, 2D & 3D Illustration and Animation, Game Design

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