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why doesn't my skinning work?

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I''ve been looking at the samples/tutorials found here, flipcode and in the SDK to do skinned meshes, (skeletal animation.) I''ve created 2 sets of mesh classes trying to load the tiny.x sample in a way that I can move its bones around at will. Set one uses the D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX method like the SDK, and flipcode and seems to almost work... just the bones get strange transformations like infinite stretches, a leg going through the body etc. Set two uses DirectXFileCreate, CreateEnumObject etc. methods like the tutorial here on gamedev it crashes once it hits D3DXLoadSkinMeshFromXof in my MeshData::load function. Frankly set two makes more sense to me but I''d appreciate help with ether system I''ve been working on them for months and can''t figure out what causes each to screw up. If you can help me both are on my ftp login as anonymous Thanks for your help -Brian Heward PS if you can''t connect to my ftp please tell me and I''ll look to host them somewhere else.

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