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Matrix Shenanigans and Advanced Animation

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am writing an animtion system for my game Parp! using Jim Adams'' Advanced Animation. All is well I have one up and running. I am now creating a system to blend animations (from different .x files) together ie a run into a walk etc etc. This is all working what''s my problem? I have uploaded a demo of my problem here http:\\\parp\downloads\ You''ll see when you run the exe two bones animating. Animation 1 (frame.x) is the bones bending like a flexing arm, Animation 2 (frame2.x) is the bones in a static pose. The code plays each anim for ten seconds before starting the blend into the other anim. Here''s the''ll notice during the blend that the second bone appears to scale or scew slightly until the blend has finished. I don''t understand why. All I am doing is calculating the matrix for the bone and multiplying it by its blendFactor then adding the matrix from the second anim which has also been multiplied by the blendFactor for that anim ie (blendFactor1 * Mat1) + (blendFactor2 * Mat2). That''s it. My understanding of matricies isn''t brilliant but I can''t see why this would happen? Any help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated. Jez

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